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43 gold medals under the name of Arneg

43 Arneg employees who have been awarded for their 20 years of career
Thanks to all employees with 20 years of work experience

Is it possible to contain 860 years of work experience in a single room?

Yes. This is what happened last 13th of June for 43 Arneg employees who have been awarded for their 20 years of career.

Their commitment, dedication and passion have been recognized with an award: a gold medal, symbol of the goal achieved within the company. The medals were presented by the President, Luigi Finco, together with the founder of the Arneg Group, Roberto Marzaro, the General Manager of Arneg Italia, Filippo Marzaro and the Corporate Affairs Officer, Daniele Marzaro.

The official photo, an hearty handshake and the final toast sealed this moment that will certainly lasts, not only in the memory of the workers, but also in the history of the Group.

These are the words of President to the workers who won the prize:

"Arneg thanks you for your loyalty, willingness and attachment to the company. This is a virtue that I hope you will preserve [...] and I hope, above all, that the new forces, those that will enter in Arneg in the future, will also be able to have it. […]

I invite you to always be an example, also for the new generations [...]".