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The supermarket with a simple and efficient shopping experience

The Arneg Group has been proudly chosen to furnish with refrigeration the new Conad Superstore in Tivoli, Rome.

The supermarket, inaugurated in December 2017, focuses all the attention on a shopping experience simple and efficient.

In particular, the butchery, the fish shop, the bakery and the fruit and vegetables departments stand out for the freshness and genuiness of the products.

A particular attention goes to the new customer’s purchasing trends.

Conad supermarket offers to customers, who are looking for fresh and ready-to-eat products, a large gastronomy department equipped with delicious cheeses, cold cuts, and take-away dishes; a sushi area with fresh sushi; and, last but not least, at the entrance of the supermarket there is a food court.

Arneg and its subsidiary Intrac have designed the complex furniture architecture.

The undisputed protagonist of the new store is ARLES, the serve-over counter that highlights the genuineness and freshness of displayed meat, cold cuts, chesses and deli with its transparencies.

But there is more. Arneg has furnished the store with its retail solutions:

  • LONDON 3, the open semi-vertical cabinet used to store meat cuts, cheeses and a wide selection of fresh sushi, ready to eat;
  • SUPER BILBAO 3, the island used to display fresh pasta, mozzarella, cheeses and packaged products;
  • LISBONA 2, the vertical cabinet used for packaged and fourth range products;
  • VELDEN, the open island used for prepacked products and TORONTO, the closed island used to store frozen products.

For Arneg it has been a pleasure collaborating with Conad in order to create a store that speaks of freshness, genuineness and efficiency.

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