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In Arneg's 60th anniversary year, the company proudly celebrates another great achievement: 101 employees have reached 20 or 25 years of service.
This important milestone shows their commitment, dedication and passion for their work.

To thank and honour these great workers, Arneg chose to present them with unique awards: a gold pin for those who have reached 20 years of service, and a commemorative plaque for those who have reached 25 years of service.
The awards were presented personally to each worker by the CEO of Arneg Italia, Filippo Marzaro, together with the President Luigi Finco, and Daniele Marzaro, CEO foreign subsidiaries.

The official photo, a very hearty handshake and the final toast sealed this moment that will certainly remain impressed, not only in the memory of the workers, but also in the history of the Group.

Congratulations to all award-winners for their achievement and contribution to the company's success.

These are the words of the President to the workers who won the prize:

"To all of you, today I want to express the gratitude of Arneg's founders and operating partners for all that you have done. Your knowledge, commitment and team spirit have helped create a solid and cohesive corporate culture. 
You have been a pillar on which we have been able to rely daily, and we can only thank you for your contribution.

Looking back on these 20 and 25 years of challenges, successes, struggles and growth, we have a living testimony of what it means to dedicate your life to the work you love. 
You are an example for future generations, showing them that great things can be achieved with passion and dedication.

I thank you all and encourage you to cultivate an ever-youthful mind, wishing you a future of satisfaction, achievements, new challenges, new opportunities and new successes! 
And always remember that no matter what the future holds, you are a fundamental part of this company and we will always be proud to have you with us.”

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