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Before your eyes, within easy reach

Arneg proudly presents LX, a new design destined to enhance the purchasing experience.

Osaka 3 LX, Panama 3 LX and Mini Astana LX are all expressions of this new concept which enhances product presentation thanks to minimalist lines and a clever use of transparency, optimising visibility and accessibility too.

One design for three different cabinets!

OSAKA 3 LX > go to the product page

A positive temperature, refrigerated cabinet with glass doors. The Osaka 3 LX combines excellent functional and stylistic characteristics with the latest refrigeration technology. It can be fitted with low consumption fans, latest-generation LED lights, slender adjustable shelves (up to 8), "full vision" doors, and Arneg Air System technology, the exclusive Arneg patent that does away with the need for defrosting and guarantees -37% energy consumption and constant temperature.

PANAMA 3 LX > go to the product page

An essential and functional, positive temperature, vertical multi-deck cabinet. The Panama 3 LX can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, including price holders, stop rails, partitions and ultra-thin adjustable shelves suitable for all types of packaging and designed for more versatile display combinations.

MINI ASTANA LX > go to the product page

A negative temperature, glass-door vertical cabinet designed to enhance the look of frozen products. Thanks to the use of high-efficiency, slender framed doors, The Astana LX boasts an 8% larger display area than standard and a higher load capacity too. Latest generation LED lights improve the illumination of the products on display.

Thanks to the new LX design, these three high performance, versatile and high capacity cabinets, though intended for different types of product, can now be combined to create a unified sales solution.

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